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About Felix + Fido Pet Sitting, LLC

I always dreamed of a life being surrounded by animals. I have had pets all of my life and couldn’t imagine a life without them. During the summer of 2014 while looking for a new career path, I started pet sitting for friends to make a little extra cash. It didn’t take any time at all to realize that this was my true calling. Officially established in January 2016, Felix + Fido Pet Sitting became a leader in providing top notch pet sitting care in Austin, TX. Created from my sheer love of pets of all shapes and sizes, my dream of being surrounded by animals came true. 

I understand the love and care needed to keep your pet happy and healthy!  Does your pet need a trip to the vet or the park?  Do you need someone to watch your home and pets while you are away?  If you are looking for trusted and dependable care for your pets, Felix + Fido Pet Sitting is here to help you!  See what other pet owners are saying!

Cissy Stasio, Founder & Master Pet Sitter

Felix & Fido Staff

Sabrina Salazar - I have always had a profound love of animals. Ever since I was little I remember wanting all the dogs, cats, reptiles, birds.. you name it!

When I was 22, I got my first job working in a dog kennel. This was the first time I could actually say that I loved my line of work. After working in customer service for so long, it was such a relief to surround myself with a bunch of fur babies that just wanted to be loved on. I was able to learn a lot about how dogs communicate through their body language.

It was such a rewarding experience and I am so grateful to have had that experience to better assist me in my interactions with the animals I am able to meet through Felix & Fido.

Kim Masoni - Hello Felix & Fido Community!

I'm so happy to join Cissy's team this summer! I am currently in graduate school for professional counseling and also have a Japanese acupressure practice for chronic pain and stress. Occasionally, I will use some of my special "anti-stress skills" on our furry non-human friends, too, and they love it! I'm a world-traveler, a musician, and a mama to one amazing and super pet-loving 13 year old boy, Jude. He would like to get a new puppy, and I think it is on the horizon! Until then I am "Auntie Kim" to some favorite pets and enjoy spending time with yours as well!

Rick Feinberg - What do I bring to the job? I love family, nature, and music. For me, family includes our pets. My daughter embraced animals from 5 years old which resulted in us owning 18 reptiles and several dogs over the years. Now I even have two grand pups. Each pet is unique and special. I will get to know your pet and respond to their needs. Skittish? It’s okay. I will give your pet space and take it slow. Lots of energy? Hiking is my hobby, so we can walk it out. I want them to enjoy me as much as I enjoy them. And I want you to relax and know that your pet is in good hands.

Chesska O’Neal - I've recently moved to Austin from Baltimore and am so excited to get to know this beautiful city.

I've been walking and sitting for over 6 years now and have learned much about behavior and training techniques through reading and hands on training. I focus and engage with dogs while I'm walking them. This means corrections and rewards for things like walking calmly on a leash and sitting before crossing a street. As I settle in, I plan on volunteering at local shelters and eventually enrolling in a dog training school to keep my skills up to date.