Full Service In YOUR House Pet Sitting

Felix + Fido Pet Sitting, LLC is Austin's premier, in-YOUR-home pet sitting.  We provide daily pet visits, overnight pet/house sitting, park visits and pet taxi services for cats, dogs and other small animals throughout the Austin area.  We are insured, bonded and pet CPR certified so you will know that your fur babies will be safe and in good hands!

Daily Pet Care

While you're away sipping your Mai Tais, you'll take comfort in knowing that your pet is getting the care it deserves.  Our Austin based home pet visits allow your pet to feel the same rest and relaxation that you seek when you're away.  We pay special attention to getting your pet what they want the most; the comfort, security and familiarity that your home provides. We specialize in giving your pets the comfort of a daily routine and the emotional safety that they crave.

Overnight Pet/House Sitting

Our full service overnight pet care and house sitting in Austin provides one-on-one pet care to ensure your pets, especially your puppies and senior pets, feel safe and comfortable, smelling the things they are accustomed to and sleeping in their own beds.  From dinner to breakfast, we take pride in ensuring your pet follows the same routine you give them when you're home!  Peace of mind and stress-free pet care … that’s what our pet parents say about Austin's Felix + Fido overnight pet service.

Walks & Park Visits

Dogs LIVE to explore and Austin is full of environments that are teeming with new smells and adventures. Felix + Fido’s pet sitting is happy to provide your pet the exercise and adventure it craves. Unlock your beloved dog's adventurous side with our daily dog walks or play dates while you’re away. Give your dogs the great gift of exercise! It means everything to them!

Pet Taxi

Whether your pet requires a visit to the vet, has an appointment with a groomer, or if you just want to show off your pet to your coworkers, we provide the transportation necessary to get your pet  to where it needs to be.  Our quality pet care in Austin extends throughout your pet's entire visit, from pick up to drop off, we provide the comfort and support they need!


Giving you peace of mind... 

With Felix + Fido Pet Sitting, you can rest assured that your pets are getting the best care in Austin. Pets generally do not like to be left in a crate all day, so rather than boarding your 4-legged babies, let us come to your home and take care of them! We provide all types of services from a simple 15-minute potty break, to overnight pet/house sitting services! Please see our Pricing and Cancellation Policy page for more info or if you have any questions please  contact us